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Video: SAP HANA Available-To-Promise-Check and Delivery Schedule Management

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This video session demonstrates using the Available-To-Promise-Check and the use of the HANA Delivery Schedule Management feature in SAP Business One HANA.

  • Accessing the Available-to-Promise-Check
  • Displaying ATP status for an Item
  • How to access the Delivery Schedule Management feature
  • Reviewing customer priority
  • Reassigning inventory to sales orders (Updating the delivery schedule)

Use the Available-To-Promise check to easily visualize the in-stock status of an item including available, committed and in order quantities.
Use HANA Delivery Schedule Management to rearrange previously committed inventory to sales orders based on shifts in priority. The delivery schedule management feature allows you to easily see sales orders with committed inventory, due dates and allows you to reassign inventory based on new customer demand.

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