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Backup & Disaster Recovery for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Using EverSafe

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This video demonstrates the Clients First EverSafe solution.  Our EverSafe solution will continually take snapshots of your Dynamics NAV (Navision) servers as well as all of your other server infrastructure as well.  It will allow you to quickly restore individual files, or an entire server.  It allows for instant ‘fail over’ to a virtual snapshot within minutes of an incident.  If you have a site disaster, your snapshots are being copied to two bi-coastal data centers for immediate fail over to the cloud as well. EverSafe also has built in Ransomware detection that continually looks for infections.  Should that occur, it will send out immediate alerts and allow you to restore all of your files quickly to the point before infections. This demo is shown using QuickBooks to keep this video relevant to all but it works with Dynamics NAV, other ERP, CRM and any applications that run on Windows Servers as well as Linux and Mac.

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