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Webinar: Unshroud the Cloud: When (and How) Should I Move? (Coffee with Chris)

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In a climate of growing remote workforces, data security threats, capacity shortages, and unrest in the supply chain, you can’t afford to ignore adopting a cloud-based business management solution any longer. Let Chris and his team guide you through the most cost-effective, least disruptive way to move to the cloud and help you develop your personalized migration plan.

Cloud technology is becoming the practical and affordable way to scale your business through all stages of growth. Get that coffee pot fired up and join us as we unshroud the cloud! We’ll cover:

  • The primary drivers and factors behind cloud migration
  • How to identify the best timing for your business to upgrade to cloud ERP like Microsoft Dynamics Business Central
  • Defining your business needs before investing in any new technology
  • Cost and resource considerations in moving to the cloud
  • First steps in mapping out your personalized cloud migration plan, and more!
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