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Webinar: How 90% Of an ERP Project ROI Relies on the Last 10% Of Planning

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Why do numerous companies neglect this crucial step?

The success of your software investment hinges on the active engagement of your workforce. The challenge lies in the fact that compliance with user adoption in ERP projects is frequently an afterthought and often seen as a burdensome task. Without a comprehensive user adoption strategy in place during the initial rollout, both your project and your business’s potential growth are exposed to risk.

Drawing from our extensive experience, having facilitated numerous successful ERP upgrades and implementations, we hosted an on-demand webinar that aims to assist you in crafting an effective rollout strategy. We’ll delve into:

1. Dispelling common misconceptions about approaching user acceptance and why they can backfire.
2. Techniques for aligning your communication about the ERP solution with your company’s objectives.
3. Identifying the key individuals responsible for driving user adoption.
4. Contingency plans for when things don’t proceed as anticipated.
5. The three fundamental pillars for guaranteeing successful adoption and how to kickstart the process.

Check out this on-demand webinar and learn how to safeguard your technological investments and your business growth strategy.

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