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Webinar: How 90% Of an ERP Project ROI Relies on the Last 10% Of Planning

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Why do so many companies skip this step? Your software investment is only successful if your people use it. The problem is that compliance in ERP projects is the most common afterthought and is often viewed as an inconvenient task. Without a comprehensive user adoption strategy at the time of rollout, your entire project and business growth are at risk. With hundreds of successfully adopted ERP upgrades and implementations under our belt, this Coffee with Chris session is here to help you ensure an effective rollout strategy. We’ll cover: - Common misconceptions about approaching user acceptance and why they backfire - How to communicate about your ERP solution in alignment with company goals - Identifying who should be in charge of driving user adoption - What to do if things don’t go as planned - The three pillars to ensuring successful adoption and how to get started now

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