Client Story

Mario Camacho Foods

Fast-Growing Olive Supplier Doubles Revenue Capability with SAP Business One Implementation

Clients First replaces outdated and unfit business system to deliver on-time and under-budget successful implementation

Product SAP Business One
Company Mario Camacho Foods
Industry Distribution
Name Jeff McMahon
Role Finance

We can now double our revenues with only a 3% increase in labor cost. Clients First definitely delivered on all their original promises.”

Jeff McMahon CFO

The Challenge

On the tail end of a large merger between two specialty food companies and with complex cost accounting needs in the import and distribution business, Mario Camacho’s existing system was ill-suited and poorly supported for their emerging requirements. It became extremely frustrating and costly every time they tried to make the legacy system accommodate their needs, with the supporting vendor insisting they needed to do every piece of customization themselves. From there, upgrades came at an even higher expense.

Knowing they needed a new ERP to grow with the business, SAP’s demonstrated flexibility to assign multiple costs to every product and support the computation all the way up the chain appeared to deliver on their unique demands. SAP excelled over its competition in terms of function for the business, but the team at Mario Camacho was concerned the solution was out of reach of their budget.

The Solution

After being recommended to Mario Camacho by SAP, Clients First presented Jeff and his team the power that SAP Business One put back in their hands. Through user defined field capability, users would be able to personalize and specify their own fields for screens in a way that carries over even when the software is upgraded, without any development costs or headaches.

Clients First was ultimately selected by Mario Camacho because they didn’t just approach it as a sales opportunity, they acted as a business ally. The Mario team was able to see that Clients First could deliver all the benefits of a tailored solution with SAP Business One, without the downsides of customization that the company was currently experiencing through the legacy system. Clients First worked with the cross-functional teams at Mario Camacho to really understand and match their business needs to a realistic and attainable solution. In particular, the solution focused on increasing inventory visibility, improving financial planning, and establishing a core business application that could grow with the company.

“When we met with the people at Clients First, they quickly picked up on what our goals were and business requirements and were able to translate that into clear project timelines.”

The Result

Clients First successfully implemented SAP Business One at Mario Camacho on-time and under-budget all while merging two companies together into the system. The simplified deployment quickly brought tangible results to the business. The finance team alone was able to replace extensive manual processes to drastically increase efficiency. Jeff explains that with SAP Business One, “We have real-time visibility into all our financials and range of analysis that everybody in the department can use to free our team to contribute to corporate planning at a higher level, like forecasting expenditures associated with customers or departments.

Processing a sales order took eight screens to do the job that we now accomplish with one using SAP Business One. We have actually been able to reduce our number of customer service associates despite the growth.

Jeff McMahon CFO