On-Demand Webinar: Do I Need an RFP for My ERP?

On-Demand Webinar: Do I Need an RFP for My ERP?

New ERP software is a significant investment. It comes with substantial risks. And it’s a tangible commitment of time and resources. That’s why starting the selection process can be daunting.

You face concerns: How are we going to gather our requirements? How are we going to find software vendors? Who’s going to lead the demos? Who will understand pricing?

Then, you contemplate and face the decision… “do we need an RFP?”

Fret not. Coffee with Chris is brewing up helpful guidance for you! Join us this month as we discuss the pros and cons of outsourcing software selection. Learn when it can be a benefit and when it can be a hindrance to project success.

We will share the 5 biggest challenges when writing an RFP and how to overcome them so you can get the most value, and productivity, with your partner engagements and proposals. WATCH NOW!

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