Proactive Security and Backup Solutions

Protect your business from data and financial loss with security and backup solutions that allow you to quickly recover and remain operational.

Clients First Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Services

From systems failure and software corruption to hurricanes and ransomware attacks, your data and business applications are essential to your continued operation. Without the right backup or disaster recovery in place, data loss and the cost of downtime have the potential to cripple your business. That’s why we’re here to help. Clients First has the infrastructure knowledge and proven business continuity solutions to give you uninterrupted access to your data and business applications at all times.

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Is your data EverSafe? Clients First saw a need for an affordable, centralized backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity solution – so we built one! EverSafe is a hybrid cloud solution with storage size and performance flexibility. Learn more about the technology behind it and what makes it different.

Get an Audit of Your Existing Security Setup

Find out if your current backup and disaster recovery setup is working effectively and if you have any vulnerabilities that could cost you in the face of hardware failure or human error.