Financial Reporting at the Click of a Button

Cut reporting time and costs with fast, flexible financial and operational reporting built for Microsoft Dynamics.

Jet Reports

For full visibility into business performance, organizations need to be able to easily create and share real-time reports, when and where they need them. Jet Reports is an easy to use reporting solution made for Microsoft Dynamics, where any non-technical user can access data, build reports, and share insights in Excel and on the web. Built inside of Excel for a familiar user interface, Jet Reports simplifies report creation, automates key reporting processes, increases operational visibility, and maximizes productivity across your organization.

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What Makes Jet Reports the Right Fit for Your Business?

If you can’t get the answers you need in Microsoft Dynamics, Jet Reports is the fastest way to better business reporting and operational visibility. With quick installation, you can start building accurate financial or operational reports from real-time data with flexible formatting from day one. All the reports you need, available anywhere.

Easily create and share your reports directly in Excel and on the web Access and drill-down on the numbers directly from Excel Report management so you never second guess the numbers again No technical experience or hard-coding required

Access and Share Data From Anywhere

As a group of senior specialists in business process and data management, we know what efficient reporting can do for your business. With the right self-service reporting tool, your people will spend less time on manual processes and more time analyzing data — ultimately making impactful decisions that drive your business forward. At Clients First, we provide installation, training, and support services for Jet Reports. With our expert help, we can get you up and running with Jet Reports in less than a day.

Experience the Simplicity of Jet Reports

Discover how quickly and easily you can have your team building and sharing flexible financial and operational reports, directly inside Excel.