BI Dashboards That Deliver Tangible Results

Establish what your business needs to improve performance and measure whether you’re on track to achieve it.

KPIs and Business Intelligence Dashboards

Many companies have a basic understanding of what reports they need to see every month, but there are layers of performance measures that can help you stay on target to reach your business goals. KPI dashboards are used to provide a quick snapshot of performance and progress towards strategic, operational, and analytical objectives. Business intelligence software is then used to bring your data together into one place and transform it into an easy-to-digest format that helps drive instant decision making and process adjustments.

Reach Your Business Goals Faster

Build Reports

Tailored Dashboards

Make it easy to view and analyze data with visually appealing pie charts, pivot tables, infographics, and more.


Mobile Access

Easily view and share KPIs and BI dashboards throughout your organization.


Priority KPI Tracking

Gain visibility of your most relevant business goals, data, KPIs, and metrics all in one place.

Time Value

Quick Time-to-Value

Start building and sharing data immediately with pre-built KPIs and dashboards.

Data Govern

Accurate, Governed Data

Never second guess your numbers again with centralized data management.

Data Managment

Actionable Decision Making

Take action based on what your performance measures and analytics are telling you.

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Start Tracking Your KPIs and Metrics

Through performance measure tracking, intuitive reporting, and compelling dashboards, KPI and business intelligence software gives you the tools you need to impact business performance and drive results.

Make Data-Driven Decisions from Anywhere

Start making better sense of your data with business intelligence software built for KPI tracking and dashboard design. At Clients First, we focus on the ongoing optimization of your existing technology products to ensure they meet your needs and business requirements while regulating costs. Our BI and reporting solutions work with other technologies in your business and allow you to effectively manage productivity and profitability.

Power BI in a Day

Clients First is proud to offer a rapid Power BI deployment package that includes a suite of pre-built Power BI dashboards and KPI’s that provide valuable insights into your business from day one.