Business Central Pricing Calculator


First, let’s identify which version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central you need.

If you haven’t already, we recommend reading The Business Central Breakdown: Complete Guide to Licensing, Pricing, and Functionality in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to help you get a more accurate estimate with this calculator.

Does your company need any manufacturing1 or service management2 capability?


1 Production orders, BOM, etc. 2 Service orders, service contract, dispatching, etc.

Great! Looks like Business Central Premium will be your best fit.

Great! Looks like Business Central Essentials will work great for you.

Now, how many full user licenses do you need?

Full users require complete use of the business applications functionality. Examples are salespeople, customer service representatives, finance employees, controllers and supply chain managers. These users have also been referred to as Professional users or Power Users.


Now, how many additional Team Member user licenses do you need?

These users tend to represent a significant percentage of users in an organization because they can consume data and complete light tasks like time or expense entry, but they don’t require full user capabilities. As long as these users don’t need to post anything, Teams Users are good to go!


Do you need any device licenses?

Input the number per device, not per user who will access it.

As many people as you want can use and access a licensed device with individual logins, and they won’t need full or additional license. Device licenses are limited, with only a subset of BC capabilities for shop floor functions, eCommerce and store management, or warehousing functions.


Your estimated Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central subscription is:

Keep in mind, this estimate is for the core software application only and does not include any extensions, IP, or additional licenses (i.e. Power BI Pro) that conform Business Central to your industry and business.