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By shawn
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With tighter profit margins, growing costs, and higher expectations from the competition, it’s a no-brainer that today’s business leaders are searching for ways to stay ahead. One way is by leveraging integrated cloud print management software. From improving your profit margins to controlling costs, next-generation print ERP (MIS) solutions are having an impact on any printer in need of modernizing.  

That’s why we are excited to share the launch of How to (Legally) Print Money—the first print technology summit of its kind aimed at preparing printers of all sizes and segments for transformative print ERP (MIS) software.  

As business management and print industry experts, we know there is a lot of good and bad information out there on print software and partners. The key to a successful implementation is to set aside some time for learning and planning your project. You can do both by taking advantage of the expert how-to videos and tutorials at the summit. 

So, what is How to (Legally) Print Money?  

This one-of-a-kind print operations technology summit was created for any printer interested in upgrading or replacing their current accounting software and other systems with one integrated cloud solution. It is designed to cater to any stage of the software selection journey, whether you have just started your print ERP (MIS) software research or you are deep into product evaluation.  

In partnership with WhatTheyThink, Wye Print, and PrintVis, this summit has brought together the best and the brightest software experts in our industry and picked their brains on relevant topics. How to (Legally) Print Money is a virtual summit that includes over 20 on-demand videos and tutorials available at any time. To access the videos and find the information you’re looking for, all you have to do is go to the event page and search through the summit’s four individual learning sections:  

  1. Microsoft Technology Keynote and Introduction — Learn about the benefits of cloud technology and how Microsoft is supporting the print industry    
  1. How to Successfully Select, Buy, and Implement Print Software — Expert insight and tips on planning for a modern ERP (MIS) solution and how to get ROI from your investment 
  1. Take a Deep Dive into PrintVis Built on Microsoft — Exclusive PrintVis demos, customer testimonials, and interviews with PrintVis 
  1. Get to Know Your Local PrintVis Partners — Meet the faces behind the videos!  

If your print business is currently in the midst of researching which modern print MIS or cloud solutions are available, you should start with the section, “How to Successfully Select, Buy, and Implement Print Software.” You will not only learn more about the benefits of the print ERP (MIS) software, but you will have the tools to better prepare your team and see a faster return on your investment.  

If your organization has been through the software selection phase and is evaluating PrintVis, the all-in-one cloud ERP/MIS solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, then we recommend heading straight to the section on PrintVis. It includes a huge selection of PrintVis demos, from quick quotes and inventory management to an exclusive interview with a seasoned print professional. 

Why should I save this page and watch these on-demand videos?  

The main purpose behind this technology summit is to help commercial, label, wide format, and/or flexible printers understand the value of next-generation print ERP (MIS) software. If you are currently struggling with process inefficiencies or controlling costs, it’s time to consider your alternatives. This is your chance to get educated, get modernized, and get growing.  

When you go to the How to (Legally) Print Money summit page, you will find 29 in-depth videos to watch on a variety of subjects related to print ERP (MIS) software. We won’t lie—it would be near impossible to watch all of these videos in a row! To help you digest this material at your own pace, we recommend you bookmark this page for future reference. You can also feel free to share it with your colleagues! 

Don’t Miss These Clients First Print Solutions Videos! 

At Clients First, we offer practical, stable, and scalable technology solutions to meet your printing needs and seamlessly grow with your business. Our highly experienced team has put significant time and energy into the planning and development of these educational videos, and we want to make sure you get the most out of the content. Here are some of the videos featured in the summit:  

How to Successfully Select, Buy, and Implement Print Software 

  1. Digital Transformation for Every (Size) Printer 
    The purpose of digital transformation is to automate manual processes for maximum efficiency and business improvement. Whether you’re a small, medium, or large print organization, find out more about how cloud software can help you reach these outcomes. This webinar provides a full overview of cloud basics, including what cloud technologies exist in the printing industry and how you can leverage their capabilities. 
  1. The Key to a Successful Print MIS/ERP Implementation  
    Did you know that most print companies only use 20% of the features in a print MIS system? In this webinar, we dive deeper into why print companies implement print MIS/ERP software and what happens when you go live on a new system. We provide the tools you need to measure success and avoid project failure in a print MIS/ERP implementation.

Take a Deep Dive into PrintVis 

  1. Financial Management in PrintVis and Dynamics 365 Business Central  
    Discover how financial management in PrintVis and Dynamics 365 Business Central works in this in-depth demonstration. In the accountant role, you will learn how easy it is to access and manage your chart of accounts, accounts receivables, accounts payables, posting journals, bank accounts, and more. You will also get to see seamless integration between Business Central and Excel. 
  1. Why Printers Are Always Bottlenecked: An Interview with a Seasoned Print Professional   
    To understand the bottlenecks that a printer faces routinely, we interviewed Jim Daly—a seasoned print and mail professional with over 40 years of experience in the print industry. With an impressive background in print management, Jim provides a firsthand look into a day in the life of a printer. 

Increase Your Profit Margins and Boost Your Bottom Line  

While we have highlighted our own videos, there are some other awesome sessions from Wye Print and PrintVis that you should also add to your list to watch:  

  • Getting to the ROI of Your Print MIS/ERP Implementation  
  • PrintVis Quote-to-Cash Overview Demo  
  • How PrintVis Supports Competitive Business Processes  
  • Estimate 25% Faster with Quick Quotes in PrintVis  

As you can see, there is a lot of great material to choose from! We hope you get the information and guidance you need from these videos and tutorials. Please reach out to the Clients First Print Solutions team if you have any additional questions or want to book a personalized PrintVis demo.  

shawn walter

Account Executive New Jersey